1. Of all the worries the parent of an autistic child has, the uppermost is: Will he find love? Or even companionship? Somewhere along the line, I am learning that what gives my guy happiness is not necessarily the same as what gives me happiness. Right now, at his age, a time when humans can be a little overwhelming even for the average teenager, Siri makes Gus happy.

    Incredible story that may or may not have left me a little leaky-eyed…

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  3. Texting with Ali.

    Parenting has some sweet joys to it.

  4. New Steve Taylor (& The Perfect Foil) album comes out next month, so he took to the streets to see what people thought about the first two singles. Let the hilarity ensue…

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  5. Dolphins win!

    I was so into the game yesterday that I forgot to Tumble pics! Wow, what a performance. A solid victory by a Dolphins team that seems to finally found it’s character on offense and whose defense didn’t flinch at all, considering how outmatched they were on paper.

    Hope springs eternal!

  6. Dinner date with my favorite 9 year old!


  7. "I wish school wasn’t invented, but that math was invented, because that’s all I really like to do."

    Kaylee (9)

    Whose child is this??


  8. So stoked to see HBO doing this. I hope this paves the way for even more ala carte and unbundled entertainment options.


  9. "Doug, how do you spell ‘hussy’?"
    — Love what I get asked at work sometimes.
  10. Free coffee week, y’all!

  11. Good night, #hhn24. You were awesome.

  12. Let annual Guys Night at Halloween Horror Nights begin!!

  13. A huge thank you to all my incredible friends who celebrated my birthday with me.

    And a special thanks to Berry, who commemorated all my eccentricities and obsessions in this incredible illustration. Your phenomenal talents continue to amaze me and make me insatiable jealous.

  14. It’s my birthday. Don’t judge me.

  15. Malcolm’s here, so let the 40th birthday weekend begin!

    First stop, a screening of “Dracula Untold”. Love my job.