1. "Giving a shit does not require capital, simply attention and humility and diligence. Giving a shit is the best feeling you can imbue craft with."
    — Craig Mod, “Let’s Talk About Margins
  2. stuffbyberry:

    HEART AND HUSTLE. He probably got posterized at the end of this play, but you really gotta give it to Larry for attempting to play some D on a legendary finisher like Dr. J.

    Who knew Larry Legend had such hops!


  3. "Eat carbs and be funny."
    — Ali (12), defining “How to be Dad”.
  4. stuffbyberry:

    Tracy F’n McGrady.

    Just what every Friday afternoon needs.

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  5. stuffbyberry:

    GHOSTLY. Check out these wonderful gifs from artist Kevin Weir. He uses historical photos from the Library of Congress’ online archive to create these little gems. So cool.

  6. Ali and I are ready to Rock the Universe!!


  7. Ready For Marketing

    1. Kaylee: What should we call our ball throwing game?
    2. Me: How about "Toss Across"?
    3. Kaylee: Yes! But it should be "Toss Across 2.0"
    4. Me: What was 1.0?
    5. Kaylee: Nothing!
    6. Me: So why would we call it 2.0?
    7. Kaylee: Because it sounds cooler!

  8. It Was Time For Some Change Up In Herr

    I loved my old Tumblr theme, Ultralite, but it hadn’t been updated in a while and was missing a bunch of cool new Tumblr features. After poking around for a bit, I decided on Quite Big.

    I still wanted a visually clean theme that had a high emphasis on great type, which this one did. But it was the huge photo/video options that won me over. I hate big, fat borders on the side with nothing in them. Use the space for content!

    Big plus: comments, replies, reblogs, etc are show on the post pages. Very cool way to make public things that previously only lived on the Dashboard.

    The only downside is the Archive/Random/RSS links are buried at the bottom, but who knows if anyone actually ever used those besides me. And it doesn’t show you the year on individual post pages, just the month/day.

    The search bar is gone, but it never worked anyway.

    It is new and I am happy.


  9. "Red light flares up in some distant corner of the night. It moves. I see it pulse and surge. The graph on the other side of the screen bubbles into life, red and orange circles symbolising earthquake activity. Never take the present-day condition for granted. I’m watching a volcano go up, one thousand and eighty-eight miles from my house, live, through a webcam some enterprising sciency Icelanders set up in the region of Bardarbunga. I could be standing on that lunar plane, watching a volcano erupt. Thousands of other people were watching that same feed from that same single device. Maybe this is what we have instead of common culture now. Maybe this is the only reality television some of us ever wanted. To be able to see anything of interest in the world through a window, no matter where we are. Maybe that was the whole point."
    — Warren Ellis, “Reality Volcano
  10. ryandobson:

    Me & my friend Steve (Don is taking the pic) sitting in a 1000 seat theater by ourselves getting ready to watch the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters!! So awesome!

    Nobody appreciates the classics anymore.


  11. Totally intrigued by this, gotta admit.


  12. Pretty stoked to publish the first bilingual post on the blog.

    And for Rock the Universe, no less! Love me some RTU.

  13. ktbagadonuts:


    Black Simon and Garfunkel sing Meghan Trainor’s hit song “All About That Bass”!

    Boys like a little more booty to hold at night🎵🎶

    This is the #1 song in the Boemler Wareing household right now.


  14. Today is all Tina Turner on the iTunes. I’ll be honest, her songs can be hit and miss for me. But for every “Nutbush City Limits” that I skip, there’s a “River Deep, Mountain High” that just envelops you in soul.

  15. stuffbyberry:

    She’d stab it with a sharp stick, that’s what.

    While in stylish yet affordable boots, of course.

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