1. What I Mean By “Media Bias”

    Rush Limbaugh says rude, crude, mean things about a woman on air. He is publicly castigated, becomes a national story, advertisers flee, and the President even gets involved.

    Liberal radio show host Randi Rhodes said yesterday, in response to Monica Crowley criticizing Sandra Fluke’s case:

    You know, these women, somebody really needs to go repossess their ovaries. Really, truly, they have no right to them. They are fabulous, little organs and they have absolutely no right to be estrogen-bearing beings. Okay? Just cut ‘em off, let ‘em go through the hot flashes, let ‘em just sit there and complain about hormone therapy, okay? Just take the ovaries and get it over with. Because they don’t deserve to have estrogen. They really don’t. It’s a privilege.

    Women don’t have the right to their own ovaries if they disagree with Randi Rhodes.

    Who’s waging a war on women again? Who wants to control reproductive health?

    I look forward to Obama calling Monica Crowley to encourage and support her.

    (Source: thedailyfiona)

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