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A Taste For Reading

  • Me: So whatever kind of books you want to read, I can check those out of the library for you.
  • Kaylee: Well... I really only like books about animals. Like dogs and cats and hamsters. Furry animals.
  • Me: Ok.
  • Kaylee: With pictures. But not bloody pictures. Cute pictures. Do you like pictures with lots of blood?
  • Me: Um... no. I don't usually read books with bloody pictures.
  • Kaylee: I also don't like people without heads.
  • Me: Ok.
  • Kaylee: But I do like cheese. Do you like cheese?
  • Me: Definitely. Although I don't find a lot of books written about cheese.
  • Kaylee: Yeah. Me, too.
  • Me: [pause] So, in summary, you like books about furry animals with cute pictures and hopefully some cheese.
  • Kaylee: Yes. Maybe.

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